Driveways & Sidewalk Renewal

To properly clean sidewalks, driveways, and walkways requires a surface cleaner. I employ the Hammerhead for this task. Under the carriage it spins two jets rapidly to scrub concrete clean. Although the Hammerhead is often enough to get everything off of the surface, sometimes there are colonies of lichen and other organisms that must be destroyed before the concrete will be truly clean.

This particular Driveway was smooth and extremely well finished. Although I added the post-treatment of a 4.5% sodium hypochlorite solution to finish off any living organisms that might still inhabit the concrete, in this case it may have been superfluous.

To clean aggregate like this requires patience and an extremely powerful surface cleaner like the Hammerhead. ‚Äč

This Chesapeake resident was so pleased with the outcome she decided to throw a party just to show off her new driveway.

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