Decks & Fencing Cleaning Service

Wooden decking and fencing oxidizes over time. Stains, paints, and sealants retard this oxidation, but only work for so long. When wood starts warping, cracking, and discoloring the stains, paints, and sealants have lost the ability to protect the wood. Exterior wood requires periodic maintenance to keep its appearance and structural integrity. The damage is due to “weathering”:

Ultraviolet light from the sun, moisture from rain, snow and dew, and the seasonal freeze-thaw cycles are the primary causes of wood degradation. Different wood species have particular vulnerabilities. For example, most softwoods are susceptible to sunlight and moisture damage, whereas a few species of hardwoods can withstand years of exposure without more than superficial damage.

A common misconception is that “pressure treated” wood is protected from weathering. Not true. This lumber is impregnated with chemicals to prevent insect infestation and deter rot from ground contact. Nearly all pressure treated wood is fir, spruce, or pine. These are lower grade species of softwoods that are extremely prone to environmental damage.

Take a moment for a good look at your wood. How many of the problems detailed in the picture above do you see? Even if the answer is “all”, take heart! With proper preparation and a high-quality stain applied on a periodic maintenance schedule, your wood will not only look great but be protected from further irrevocable damage. Although we don’t participate in the application of stains, sealants, and paints, we prepare your wood for that application.

Before covering the wood with another layer of protectant, it’s very important to renew the surface of the wood with a strong solution and enough pressure to clean off the oxidation, the mildew and algae that’s taken up residence in your wood. Although Mr. Sparkle doesn’t cover wood, we DO clean it in preparation for the application of sealants, stains, or paint.

We renew tarnished homes to their original beauty and make windows sparkle. Please contact us today for an estimate.
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