Services We Offer

Window Cleaning

Vistas are restored when Mr Sparkle works his magic. Although there are only two sides to a window, there are four parts to consider: glass, screen, track, and frame. We will clean them all.

Deck and Fencing Renewal

Wooden fencing turns grey, period. Removing the dirt, mold, fungus, and wood oxidation requires special cleaners and some pressure to prepare for staining or sealing.

House Soft Wash

Mr Sparkle removes the years of accumulation and growth to renew the shine and lustre that you may have forgotten was underneath with a soft technique that is consistent with manufacturer's warranty.

Driveways & Sidewalk Renewal

Concrete cleans beautifully with high pressure. Mr Sparkle uses that pressure with a surface cleaner to make driveways and sidewalks new again.

Cleaning High Windows

Often homes and businesses have windows that are well beyond reach. Mr. Sparkle employs the Dragonfly to safely clean indoor windows at height and a pure water telescopic carbon fiber pole system to safely clean outside windows at height without the use of ladders.

Cleaning Brick

Cleaning brick requires rougher treatment than siding or roofs. Mr Sparkle uses high pressure and chemicals to scrub the green and black that accumulates over time.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Roofs can accumulate dirt, mold, bacteria, and fungus. High pressure compromises the shingle's integrity and warranty. Proper application of the appropriate cleaning solution with a soft wash system enables Mr. Sparkle to make your roof look like it was just replaced.

We renew tarnished homes to their original beauty and make windows sparkle. Please contact us today for an estimate.
We look forward to working with you!